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Deep in the world famous Hardanger fjord, we invite you to experience Norway at its best. Our three hotels all lie nestled by the the deep fjord, surrounded by high mountains and hillsides lush with fruit orchards.

Hardanger House

See our partner – Hardanger House – In the heart of Hardanger.

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Björn Kovacs
Owner & chairman
Fjordtind Hotels
+47 908 63 172


Tina Våtvik Olsen
Chief operating officer
Fjordtind Hotels
+47 907 40 339


Christer Økland
Food & Beverage Director
Fjordtind Hotels
+47 412 44 952


Erlend Espedal Lundblad 
General manager
Hardangerfjord Hotel
+47 919 15 037


Trine Utne-Bacorn
General manager
Brakanes Hotel
+47 56 52 61 05


Tina Våtvik Olsen
General manager
Vøringfoss Hotel
+47 907 40 339


We value our nature, climate and local community and strive to operate Brakanes Hotel in a sustainable manner. Fjordtind Hotels is in process to be certified Eco-Lighthouse and a certified provider of Green Conferences – a sustainable conference alternative for environmentally conscious organizations.

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